Beginner Training for Dogs and Puppies

FUNdamental Dog Behavior Training is a combined course in obedience training and behavioral management. I specifically developed the FUNdamental course for dogs and puppies with the needs of pet owners in mind. It is based upon current knowledge of dog behavior, learning and motivation. 

In the behavior training classes you will learn how to properly train your dog or puppy to obey basic commands, like heel, sit, down, come, and stay. Additionally, you will learn how to use these commands in daily situations so that you have better control over your dog. You’ll learn to teach your dog to be calmer and more manageable and to solve problems, like jumping up, running off, destroying property and pulling.

The methods taught in the FUNdamental behavior training classes are designed to modify your dog's behavior through the use of positive reinforcement. You will learn how to effectively communicate with your dog and how to motivate him to please you by tapping  into his natural desires to play and obtain affection, praise and rewards. Above all, these training methods are FUN for you as well as your dog and more effective than those relying on correction or intimidation.  

Off Leash Control Classes are available for owners who want their dogs to be reliable off the leash.  You will build foundation skills to train your dog for off-leash and distance control. The skills taught are applicable in many areas such as competitive obedience, rally and freestyle as well as agility. 

All of the above classes are held at ARF Agility Training Center at 1000 Morrison Road, Suite I in Gahanna, Ohio on Sundays evenings beginning at 6:00, 7:00 or 8:00 PM.  Dogs are grouped by age. To register, download the application from the ARF Web Site at or contact me via email at

Puppy and Dog Training Classes are held at Big Walnut Veterinary Clinic on Thursdays and Beechwold Veterinary Clinic in Clintonville. These classes start approximately every 8 weeks. 

Puppy Training classes teach you how to best communicate with your puppy. The training classes also provide an opportunity for your dog to socialize with other dogs. In these classes, you’ll be able to get information on all of your puppy-raising questions including housetraining, chewing, and the most effective way to teach practical skills such as coming when called.
The Puppy Training classes are designed with the needs of puppies and their owners in mind. The course is based upon current knowledge of puppy development, behavior, learning, and motivation. The following is a description of the course and details the exercises and procedures that owners will learn.
1.   Traditional obedience commands (heel, come, sit, down, stand, stay) will be taught. Owners will also learn how to use these commands to better manage their dogs in daily situations.
2.   The dogs will learn a standard greeting procedure so that they can greet people appropriately (to inhibit jumping up, shyness, or aggression).
3.   A relaxation-inducing exercise will also be taught. This exercise teaches dogs to calm down on command and is useful in many situations.
4.   The methods owners will learn for training their dogs are based upon puppies’ natural behaviors (their desire to please, play, and obtain affection and rewards).
5.   Owners will learn how to property socialize their puppies to prevent or help to eliminate aggressive or fearful responses to new people, dogs, objects, or situations. Time is devoted to teaching owners basic pet care and grooming. They also learn ways to help their pet to tolerate being handled excessively by people (like, vets, groomers, or children) and during vet exams, grooming, and nail trimming.
6.   The fee for the course includes a course manual that was written to facilitate the owner’s learning. It outlines all of the exercises, gives a weekly schedule of what will be taught in class and includes a series of behavioral programs to help owners to solve common behavioral problems. Housebreaking, cage training, absence training, aggression, digging, and excessive barking are among the programs included.
Register by emailing Annette Neff at
Classes begin at 6:30 PM at Beechwold and 7:00 PM at Big Walnut. Puppies (9-16 weeks) must have had at least 2 vaccinations to participate.  A similar course is offered for dogs over 16 weeks. 
The cost of the 7 week course is $160. A $20.00 discount to owners who enroll a rescue.

Having your dog's attention is important for training. 
After all, how can he learn something if he is not attending to you?