Private Training Programs:

I offer FUNdamental Behavior Training in private sessions (four lessons) for those owners that have a hectic schedule or would like to have more personal attention. These are scheduled at a time convenient for the client and in accordance with my schedule. I schedule these on weekday evenings as well as weekends. If you'd like one or more of those lessons can take place in your home to assure that you can effectively manage your pet in your own home. 

Off Leash Control lessons are available for pet owners desiring to train their dogs to be more reliable on basic commands when off leash. You will build foundation skills to train your dog for off-leash and distance control. The skills taught are applicable in many areas such as competitive, rally and freestyle obedience as well as agility.

Competitive and Rally Obedience lessons are available for owners who wish to earn these titles. All exercises are taught using positive, motivational methods. In these classes you will learn how to train your dog to perform for the obedience and rally ring. Classes include preparation for all levels of rally and the CD and CDX titles. Individual attention is given so that owners become successful handlers as well. 

Conformation training is available in private and class sessions. Individual sessions are 1/2 hour in length and classes are 45 minutes. I train conformation skills using a clicker. Classes and Private lessons are offered on weekday evenings beginning at 6:00 PM.

I will offer any of the above for two-four handlers and their dogs. If you and some friends are seeking training in small groups, that option is also available. 


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