Wildwood Border Terriers

Dahli is as her name implies a doll. She is small and cute. She loves attention and will demand it from you. Dahli is an excellent Earthdog. She breezed through her Junior title. Senior Earthdog was a little more challenging, but she attained that title last fall. She ran her first Masters' run like a champ, but alas was confused by the obstacle.

In agility, Dahli loves to practice, but fools around too much when it is time to show. I have been running her for a while in the excellent classes and she has qualified for one jumpers leg. I use the excuse that she has gone to Dollywood! However, I did finish her Excellent Agility titles. 

Dahli also has one qualifiying score in obedience and her Rally Excellent title. She does a freestyle obedience routine to what else ... "Hello, Dolly", by Louis Armstrong. She not only dances, but will play a small pink piano on command. She is a HAM! 

Dahli LOVES kids. She is enamored by them. I always tell her, if she were to get lost, I would not worry. She will find someone to take care of her. It'll likely be a kid!