Puppy Training

Learning plays a significant role in a puppy’s development. Through training,  owners actively take part in that process. Courses have been carefully designed with the capacities of developing puppies in mind. Throughout the Puppy Behavior Training course, you and your puppy will be observed. You will be advised if your pup exhibits behaviors, which may be warning signs of potential problems. Exercises will be taught that will help your puppy to be a good companion. The exercises your puppy will learn should not tax him. Learning can be fun and every dog can achieve success.

Performance Puppy classes in Agility, Rally, and Obedience are available for those who desire to get their performance pup off to a good start. In addition to traditional obedience commands, skills such as targeting, moving on both sides of the body, and motivational games will be taught to help owners to bring the best out in their new puppy. All of the afore-mentioned activities are FUNdamental skills for training in agility as well as competitive, rally and freestyle obedience. Socialization to others dogs in a learning atmosphere prepares them to perform despite distractions.  

Performance Puppy classes will be held beginning in January 2011 at the ARFAgility Training Center, 1000 Morrison Road, Suite I. To apply for these classes, please go to ARFAgility.com or contact me at petbehave1@aol.com.


Puppies are taught to enjoy learning and performing 
specific behaviors on command.