Wildwood Border Terriers

Sweetheart certainly lived up to her name. I never owned a sweeter dog! We kept Sweetheart because she had a heart murmur. The vets told us that she may not live very long. However, she well exceeded those expectations. 

Sweetheart was dignosed with ventral septal defect (VSD). She saw a cardiologist and had an ultra sound. Her examination showed a hole in the septum near the aortic valve.  The valve had been pulled into her defect and causes aortic insufficiency.

I never trialed Sweetheart in eathdog or agility, feeling that it may be too strenuous for her. Sweetheart never showed any signs of her defect. She was good at moderating her own activity.
We're glad that we kept Sweetheart and that she was blessed with 11 years of good health and longevity. 

We put Sweetheart down on June 1, 2007 due to a failing heart. God, bless you Sweetheart. 

Dearest Sweetheart

   You have left our loving arms

   We don't ask or wonder why

   For we know you are free from harm

   And resting peacefully

   No pain or fear confronts you

   You’ve left that all behind

   Now little one, experience joy and freedom  

   Your eyes are bright; you’re breathing easy

   Your frail heart is now healed

   We embrace your memory; hold it tight

   As we wipe away our tears

   Our minds are filled with happy thoughts

   We say a thankful prayer

   For those many years God gave you

   That kept you in our care

Blaze was my super mom. She cared for every litter that I have when the moms have tired of them. In fact, I had to watch that she did not take over! She loved to play and buzz around the house; hence her name. 

Blaze received the Certificate of Gameness award from the American Working Terrier Association (akin to AKC Earthdog).  She has her championship and received an Award of Merit at one of the National Specialties as well. She earned her Novice Preferred Standard and Jumpers titles in AKC agility winning first place in her class many times. At the age of nine, she earned her Rally Novice title with scores in the high 90s; capturing fourth place in a rather large class.  

Blaze loved people, especially children. She showered them with so many doggie kisses, I warned people that she can't hold her "licker". Blaze was 13 years old she passed away on December 22, 2009 from a brain tumor. 
We comforted her, she gave us kisses and wagged her tail when we said good-bye. 

With heavy hearts; and tears in our eyes
after all these years; we must say goodbye.
We’re with you, gently rubbing your ears
talking to you softly, holding back our tears.
The memories you gave us; we'll never forget.
One last hug; and one last kiss; 
our words reveal you how much you'll be missed.
We look into your eyes; one last glimpse.
They tell us it's ok; you know it's your time.
Close your eyes now, my dear one; go to sleep.
We'll pray to the Lord; your soul He'll keep.
Go in peace now; our beloved friend
we'll stay here with you until you are free.
Your memory will live on; our love never ends. 
Blaze, have a safe journey; throughout the night.
When you awake; you'll be in Rainbow’s light.
Yes, with heavy hearts; and tears in our eyes;
just for now our little one; we say goodbye.




Daisy was my foundation bitch. I bought her from Bob and Arden LeBlanc (Hickory Ridge Kennel) in 1991. She was my introduction to the breed. What a wonderful gal she was! 

I took Daisy to my first Border Terrier National Specialty. She won the Best in Sweepstakes! At the time, I was not really aware of the importance of this win. 

Daisy won many AKC titles: Championship (conformation), Companion Dog (obedience), Open Standard and Jumper (Agility), Junior Earthdog (hunting), Canine Good Citizenship and Therapy Dog. Because had proven her ability to attain titles in many different types of competition, she was recognized by the Border Terrier Club of America and earned a Versatility Award. 

She was smart as a whip and twice as sweet!  Dasiy has given me many wonderful offspring. All of my dogs go back to her. By far, she is my heart dog. Daisy celebrated her 18th birthday in 2009. 

I had to say good-bye to my first Border Terrier, Daisy. She would have been 19 years old in June, 2010.  She had a large mass (cancer) in her abdomen. Since I did not want her to suffer, we put her to sleep on Thursday, March 4th; my birthday and anniversary. I think Daisy wanted to make sure I thought of her at least once a year. She had become such a part of my life. She always made sure to let us know when it was time to get up, get fed, and go to bed. I miss her but I know she is in a better place. I am glad to have this grand old dam's progeny to comfort me.


We can hardly see through our tears

Having lost our heart dog of many years.

Today we sent our darling Daisy

somewhere she had to go,

where pain and sickness she won’t know.

Daisy was the dog of many firsts

She was our first Border Terrier

Our first champion; our first dam
She held a Silver Register of Merit 
And a Versatility Award

She’s been with us since she was a pup

But, today we had to give her up.

She was sick; we both knew it

And we didn’t want her to suffer.

Today we sent our best friend of many years
To a happy place where love has no tears.


Dandy was my first born Border Terrier puppy. Dandy taught me about what great Earthdogs Borders can be. He is the first and only dog of mine who earned the Master Earthdog title. Dandy was also my first agility dog. He earned his Excellent Standard and Open Jumpers titles. He loved to visit when he ran. He bowled over stewards and even escaped through the gates once, landing in a surprised child's lap. Dandy always made sure to entertain as well as embarrass me. Dandy lived to be 17 years old. He died shortly after my Daisy and a month before Sage. I will always remember him for his antics.

Sage was a very SMART dog. He easily finished his championship because of his handsome head and wonderful fill of muzzle. Sage was a BIG boy at 14.75 inches. In fact, he ran agility in the 16 inch class. Sage earned his Master Agility Dog and had his Excellent Jumpers title as well and several MXJ legs. At nine, however, I have retired him from agility and worked him in Rally Obedience. He earned his Rally Novice and Advanced title at age 9 and 11. He was an excellent hunter though he never qualified in AKC earthdog. He gave the rats that deadly Border stare! He was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease at age 11 and lived for two more years, but I could not stabilize him and had to put him down at age 13. Sage was my pride and joy dog, in my first litter out of Laurel. Both his sire and dam were BISS winners! He had a wonderful temperament and a zest for life.

Just this side of heaven in a place called the Rainbow Bridge
Dandy and Sage are roving the meadows
and hills.

They have been restored to health and vigor; they run, hunt and play.
They partake of the plentiful food and water (which they love).

They are strong, whole, comfortable and safe.
They are just as we
remember them in the days gone by; happy and content.

We’ve missed them and kept their memories in our hearts.

When the day comes, they will suddenly stop and look into the distance.
Their bright eyes will be intent and their eager bodies will quiver.

They will run along with the other dogs we have loved over the years,

They’ll fly over the green grass, their strong legs carrying them faster and faster.
When they reach us, we will all cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again.