Behavior and Training Consultations

Behavioral and training consultations are available to owners needing help with a specific problem. The goal of a behavioral consultation is to help you to  better understand your dog’s behavior. I will then teach you how to modify your  pet’s environment and your interactions with your pet to minimize or eliminate the problem.  Training consults involve teaching owners how to train their dogs to perform or to improve their dogs' reponses to specific commands. 

I provide  consultations at my training center or in an owner's home. I also provide telephone and email consultations. It may be important in some cases to actually meet the owner and the dog to best design a problem solving or training program. However, many problems owners have are common ones that can be easily resolved with written handouts and/or through telephone conversations. 

The fee for consultations is $125.00 if done at my facility and $135.00 if they are done in another location.  


Some dogs tear up the toilet tissue when left alone 
or they feel ignored by their owners.