Wildwood Border Terriers

Ricky and Lucy are sweet dogs, and typical BTs in every respect. Unfortunately, Ricky has what I would call little to no dog manners. He does not understand or respect “space” at all. Though he is learning tricks quickly, he just doesn’t seem to understand the whole space thing. He is always at Lucy’s face and grabs her collar even when he wants to play. He does the same when he wants people to play with him. This is acceptable adult dog behavior! Lucy puts up with it and if he gets too obnoxious she’ll correct him and he backs off.

I think they would do staying together, and great dogs for someone without small children, other dogs or cats. I do not think either would handle well being separated. I could be wrong, but there has been much angst when one does not know where the other is. I’ve been having them out with me one at a time as much as I can to help with that but the fact is they’d be happiest together if we can find that type of home. It seems to me that they stayed home and together all of their lives.

The people who had them told me they would put both dogs in one 200 size crate because they seemed happier that way. They did have two crates which they gave me. They are crated separately at my house with no problems. They have definitely gotten better about traveling – never have been carsick, just initially stressed by travel. By the time we got back to Ohio from MO, they were doing markedly better. They had never been stripped – only bathed and brushed. They handled their first stripping very well. They are crate trained and housebroken. I’ve seen no accidents. Lucy loves to play. Ricky would rather be trick trained with cookies than play with toys. He needs toy playing supervision as he’ll rip up a toy and eat pieces. Lucy eventually rips it up but so far isn’t interested in eating it! She wants to actually play with it more than Ricky does. She loves the soft Frisbee, plush squeaky toys and nylabones. Both will “give” on command. They sit for a cookie immediately after coming back inside from potty trip.

I’ve had their senior bloodwork/profiles done by my vet and he was happy with all results. The vet’s office found one tiny whip worm and so they have been wormed. Ricky’s ears were a mess and he has responded to antibiotics and twice weekly cleaning. He’s very good about it. They are current on their shots, including lepto and flu. I had eye checks done at the health clinic the Ohio club recently hosted, and Ricky has PRA in his left eye. Apparently it’s weird that it’s asymmetrical. It is the ophthalmologist’s opinion that he is seeing ok out of it now. He’s been on Occulite since that diagnosis and treatment recommendation. I have them on Heartgard Plus, Frontline Plus, fish oil, Dasuquin with MSM, and Duralactin.

Please contact me at lisa.calle78@gmail.com or 419-310-4735. It was just easiest to write such a long email on the computer rather than my phone!

Lisa Lautermilch