Wildwood Border Terriers

Doggy Day Camp 

Doggy Day Camp is a weekly program offered for both puppies and adults on Wednesdays. During their stay, at my facility, dogs will learn behaviors useful to managing them, including the basic obedience commands: sit, down, heel, come, and stay.  Problem behaviors can also be addressed such as jumping up, crating happily, learning to stay alone, housebreaking, shyness or fearful behavior. 

Dogs will participate in trainer supervised play with other dogs that are also staying for the day. Play with other dogs will be provided only to those dogs that have the proper temperament to enjoy it. Others can enjoy play time with the trainer.

Periodically throughout the day the dogs will have down time. During down times dogs will be given a special treat, provided by the owners and a chance to rest up for similar afternoon activities. 

Dogs can be dropped between 8 - 9 AM. Pick up is from is from 3-5 PM. The cost is $50.00 for the day. There is a limit of 4 dogs per day. Earlier or later pick can be arranged for additional fee. Dogs will be crated during those times. 

Performance Puppy Class 

A must for those wishing to compete with their dogs in any venue. Puppies will learn how to heel with attention, come when called, perform selected agiity obstacles and obedience exercises, retrieve, climb, and perform basic tricks. All training will be done using the clicker method to shape desired behaviors.